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The 61st Spice Card

Welcome back to my blog, friends! If you’ve had enough of the dick jokes, I’d kindly invite you to look elsewhere. A couple of Team Sped members committed to adding a 61st card to their NEOS decks this season. The 61st card will be spicy, and will be easily identifiable during match play as itContinue reading “The 61st Spice Card”

Signature 4 – Lesson Learned

This post should be entitled “Signatures 4&5.” It’s not, and a lesson was learned. For context it’s important to understand I am a hard-wired optimist and as a result I’m a very trusting person. Fortunately I have not been burned often or in any life-changing way over the years, but every now and then comesContinue reading “Signature 4 – Lesson Learned”

Winter Derby

It’s been a while since I’ve picked up the pen! It’s embarrassing, actually, since I was very graciously handed the title of Best Blog in 2020 by Chris Mason (a good man indeed!) and my dear friend Mano (a bitter, bitter man) and possibly a handful of old-schools around the globe (the greatest and mostContinue reading “Winter Derby”

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