Signature #2

Adam Lemke is quite handy and frankly no one knows how he got that way, but if you need advice on building a deck (like made of wood behind your house) or opening a swimming pool or just about any other question you think he’d have no business knowing anything about then Lemke’s your guy. His most recent project is building a giant pergola behind his house and since I have a truck he held his signature hostage until we went to get four 12 ft 6x6s at Home Depot.

Here is Adam Lemke’s player profile:

Team Affiliation: Sped (Founding Member)

Known Aliases: Lemke, La Lemk, La, Danny McBride, Danny.

Magic Accolades: Two or so time Pro Tour Competitor, inventor of Sped Red, inventor of Swamp Gas, inventor of Tings and Tongs, Best deck builder Team Sped, 5th possibly 6th best Magic Team Sped, Co-Inventor of the Broken Draft, best destroy your cards by snapping the fuck out of them on the table super aggressively Team Sped.

Other: 2nd, possibly 3rd best golf Team Sped, best knowledge of movies Team Sped, most artistic talent Team Sped, best craft beer aficionado Team Sped, best piss in a red solo cup under the draft table on Sped Weekend since Mano refuses to buy a urinal for his basement but it’s still a pretty dick move by Lemke Team Sped.

Lemke lives 2.1 miles away from me so it was high time to get this thing inked. The dashboard read 91F today but here’s this dude relaxing on his front porch, ankle on knee, sipping water indifferently when I pull in around 11:30. Must be nice to be such a miser – not a care in the world. I grab a chair myself as I pass Deep Water over to Lemke. From somewhere inside the house little Paul Lemke who’s all of 5 years old wanders over and presses his face into the screen hard enough for me to worry it’ll break. He must have sensed the momentous occasion. La Lemk asks me for my preference on signing Deep Water. “Keep it small” I suggest. “68 more to go.”

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