More Scryings

I love Scryings and evidently Scryings loves me! With the exception of busting out in the NEOS monthly Scryings event back in March I’m on a serious heater! My most recent run was to a 2nd place finish in an online event hosted by Christian Reinhard over roughly the last 6 weeks. 40 players faced off in a double elimination bracket. Reindeer must have a PhD in bracketology because I have no fucking clue how this whole thing worked. All I know is I was assigned an opponent from time to time, won a bunch of matches and eventually made the finals against Daniele Brunazzi (the Italian Stallion) who I had actually just played the previous round to make the finals. I hope Daniele posts his deck list but it was a UBW midrange with Juzams.

I was on 4C River Boa and rattled off 5 match wins in a row before losing in the finals. Here’s my list. Cover your eyes, Christian! I have not swapped out those Dibs yet!

The first note is that the sideboard is just about complete shit so just ignore it. Specifically though, Sex Monkey is complete trash. Do not, under any circumstances, ever run Sex Monkey. Ever. I don’t care how nostalgic he is, DO NOT DO IT. As for the main deck: throw those Miners right in the trash! They are super clunky and although I was warned not to play them I just had to run them after they powered me through to a few wins in n00bcoM. They’d be fine in the sideboard. I’d cut both and go up one Dib and up one Psi Blast. There might be an argument for one fewer land drop and one more Tog/Legacy/Psi Blast. Legacy is the bomb, as always. There’s nothing better than pitching a land and drawing a bunch of gas right off the top, often for the win. Otherwise there’s not much to it. Lot’s of power, burn and Boa. This, or some iteration of it, is very strong. Probably a top 3 deck in Scryings. Let me know your thoughts, especially on the sideboard!

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