Signature 4 – Lesson Learned

This post should be entitled “Signatures 4&5.” It’s not, and a lesson was learned. For context it’s important to understand I am a hard-wired optimist and as a result I’m a very trusting person. Fortunately I have not been burned often or in any life-changing way over the years, but every now and then comes a reminder that if you’re not careful you might get fucked in some way. Last night I got a little fucked.

It all started when Mano and his family drove to Cuse last weekend to visit his family. They got the green light when his parents got the vaccine, which was a huge relief for all of us since I haven’t seen the Manos in over a year (and maybe more importantly they haven’t been able to give their parents a hug in equally as long). Many of you know there was some recent posturing on ATC about Mano refusing to sign the Deep Water. I thought it was funny how many people asked me if he was serious about it. I mean, I’m sure he was serious but he’s also my best friend and a good man indeed, so so given all that plus a couple of ideas I had to sweeten the deal, I was pretty sure I could knock out another signature. Plus his wife Neen would be down to sign the Deep Water. Don’t forget she probably has the best deck pic in n00bcoM I.

If you’ve never met Janine Manolokos, well, here she is:

Here’s a little more about my good friend Neen.

Power/Toughness: 1/1

Favorite Beer: Budweiser

Top 3 accomplishments in order: Birthing 4 amazing kids, running a marathon, marrying Mano.

FUCK YES!!!!! My First signature in over 6 months! Fuck you, COVID! Thank you Neen! I was pumped! I was ready for anything! And as a result Mano made me play 20 playtest games of his likely matchup in the Premodern Showdown Series, which is possibly the best content out there at the moment, before he would sign the Deep Water. OK, why not? I like playing tabletop Premodern Magic. I have to shout out Mike Heup and Flint Espil on this one. If you have not seen this series follow Heup on Twitch @cloudgoatranger and you won’t be sorry. Not only is the production quality top notch but these guys know what they are talking about. Mano was playtesting a beautifully spicy Solfatara brew (inspired by Spicemaster Jeff Liu) against Spice Rock, which somehow these guys let Aaron Dicks enter into the tournament. In addition to being a super nice guy, Team Sped likes Aaron Dicks for obvious reasons.

I would highly encourage anyone interested in some spicy Premodern games to check that match out, because Mano actually went off G1 and had a fighting chance G3. We knew this was going to be a long shot all the way. Somehow Mano started off our playtest series 3-0 pre-sideboard, but then as probability caught up to him he lost the next 9 of 10 or some shit. Anyway, Aaron Dicks is moving on in the series and in spite of taking a lot of heat for submitting Spice Rock he’s just about the nicest guy you’ll ever meet over a webcam. Good luck!!

Alright bro, I played your little game, now it’s time for you to sign the Deep Water. Lemke busts out his Kirkland-brand sharpie and my palms start to sweat a little, like I’m about to ride the Tower of Terror or something.

I’m not sure if it was the dank brews running through my veins or my unadulterated love of ATC or the fact that I would do literally anything to complete the Quest for the Shark, but I locked eyes with Mano for a brief moment and I knew exactly what needed to happen next to get my signature.

Lyle Cohen always say if you’re going to do something, do it to fruition. So that’s exactly what I did. When it was over I drank this:

Which I would give about a 3.5 on Untapped. It’s heavy and satisfying, yet refreshing. Bonus points for the name. So as I retrieved my hat and reached out to admire the fresh ink on the Deep Water my heart sank. No signature!?!?!

Lemke and Mano sure thought the look on my face was funny when I realized I’d been played.

Sorry dude, said the Togfather, you’re going to have to try harder than that! Lesson learned, I guess. Make sure you get what you want before giving something up, especially if that something is to fruition! But at least I’m one step closer toward my goal and I still have my health. Maybe next time I’ll just trade him some Tully’s Tenders for his signature. He can’t hold out forever.

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