Premodern Fall Brawl 2022

As the days get colder and shorter here in good old Syracuse, NY my normal person activates like swimming and BBQs taper off and my nerd hobbies like webcam Magic are really heating up. Drinking and gummy intake stays roughly flat. The big plus in the seasonal change is I’ll have something to blog aboutContinue reading “Premodern Fall Brawl 2022”

Back to My Roots – Candle Flare Reboot

To this day I don’t know why, but when I started playing Old School I started messing around with Candelabara and Mana Flare. I’d never played these cards once before dabbling in Old School. I’m not even sure I knew Mana Flare existed. But here I am, 3 years later, still tinkering with the listContinue reading “Back to My Roots – Candle Flare Reboot”

March NEOS – The Art of the Joke

Lil’ Dicky famously exposed himself at a show because he “believes in the art of the joke.” Have a listen, it’s like 22 seconds in. If you have access to Hulu I would recommend just watching Dave. This rap kicks off the brilliant finale. Plus like 10 Sped jokes comes from this rap, including theContinue reading “March NEOS – The Art of the Joke”

Signature 4 – Lesson Learned

This post should be entitled “Signatures 4&5.” It’s not, and a lesson was learned. For context it’s important to understand I am a hard-wired optimist and as a result I’m a very trusting person. Fortunately I have not been burned often or in any life-changing way over the years, but every now and then comesContinue reading “Signature 4 – Lesson Learned”