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The 61st Spice Card

Welcome back to my blog, friends! If you’ve had enough of the dick jokes, I’d kindly invite you to look elsewhere. A couple of Team Sped members committed to adding a 61st card to their NEOS decks this season. The 61st card will be spicy, and will be easily identifiable during match play as itContinue reading “The 61st Spice Card”

Winter Derby

It’s been a while since I’ve picked up the pen! It’s embarrassing, actually, since I was very graciously handed the title of Best Blog in 2020 by Chris Mason (a good man indeed!) and my dear friend Mano (a bitter, bitter man) and possibly a handful of old-schools around the globe (the greatest and mostContinue reading “Winter Derby”

Show Notes

Hello, friends! And welcome to another post from Questfortheshark.com. I am your blogger, Jeff White, and I’ve got a sweet little post for you today. As a few dozen or so of you know, my good friend Mano recently released episode 134 of All Tings Considered which featured Team Sped members Ben Farkas, Jamie ParkeContinue reading “Show Notes”

MobstercoM 2020

Here’s yet another tournament report about perhaps the most covered Old School event of the year. Any why not? MobstercoM was the first event of it’s kind in a number of ways and opened up plenty of brewing space whether you were looking to spike hard or spice things up a little. I’ll get rightContinue reading “MobstercoM 2020”

Sig #3 – Serendipity

Jamie Parke described our beautiful evening together as serendipitous. Through the glory of social media my wife knew that Jamie and his wife were in the Syracuse area and happened to dine at the exact restaurant we had reservations for this evening just the night before. In fact Jamie’s parents live around the corner fromContinue reading “Sig #3 – Serendipity”

More Scryings

I love Scryings and evidently Scryings loves me! With the exception of busting out in the NEOS monthly Scryings event back in March I’m on a serious heater! My most recent run was to a 2nd place finish in an online event hosted by Christian Reinhard over roughly the last 6 weeks. 40 players facedContinue reading “More Scryings”

Signature #2

Adam Lemke is quite handy and frankly no one knows how he got that way, but if you need advice on building a deck (like made of wood behind your house) or opening a swimming pool or just about any other question you think he’d have no business knowing anything about then Lemke’s your guy.Continue reading “Signature #2”


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