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Premodern Fall Brawl 2022

As the days get colder and shorter here in good old Syracuse, NY my normal person activates like swimming and BBQs taper off and my nerd hobbies like webcam Magic are really heating up. Drinking and gummy intake stays roughly flat. The big plus in the seasonal change is I’ll have something to blog aboutContinue reading “Premodern Fall Brawl 2022”


People occasionally talk about the silver linings of the pandemic. I suppose I can tease a silver lining out of asymptomatically testing positive for Covid (or was it just coronavirus?) the night before our last Sped Weekend, which was about a month before LOBSTERCON 2022. My wife knew how devastating it was to miss aContinue reading “LOBSTERCON 2022”

LobsterCon 2021

Here comes the deluge of 6 month old tournament reports. A couple of years ago when I won n00bCoM and started this blog it didn’t take much to fire up a post. I had so many jokes Team Sped had beaten to death over the years, but most of which the world had not yetContinue reading “LobsterCon 2021”

Summer Derby 2021

I used to think Old School Magic was just about sitting around the pub drinking a few beers, shuffling around cardboard trolls, and drawing the occasional dick with a Sharpie. And of course making some new and awesome friends from around the world. Then I played Seth Roncoroni in the semifinals of the 2021 SummerContinue reading “Summer Derby 2021”

Signature 5: Chlorine

It’s all about value, at least in our beloved Bryan Manolakos’ eyes. Turns out Hell didn’t actually have to freeze over for my man to sign the Deep Water. Instead all it took was the price of chlorine tabs to spike 3x like 7/16 OSB plywood, any used vehicle and toilet paper. The Manos wereContinue reading “Signature 5: Chlorine”

n00bcoM II

It’s been one year, one global pandemic and only four signatures since the Magic gods saw it fit to see me through to victory at n00bcoM I. As much as I didn’t want to admit it for fear of being let down, in the dark, twisted depths of my soul I was secretly hoping thereContinue reading “n00bcoM II”

The 61st Spice Card

Welcome back to my blog, friends! If you’ve had enough of the dick jokes, I’d kindly invite you to look elsewhere. A couple of Team Sped members committed to adding a 61st card to their NEOS decks this season. The 61st card will be spicy, and will be easily identifiable during match play as itContinue reading “The 61st Spice Card”


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