Back to My Roots – Candle Flare Reboot

To this day I don’t know why, but when I started playing Old School I started messing around with Candelabara and Mana Flare. I’d never played these cards once before dabbling in Old School. I’m not even sure I knew Mana Flare existed. But here I am, 3 years later, still tinkering with the listContinue reading “Back to My Roots – Candle Flare Reboot”

March NEOS – The Art of the Joke

Lil’ Dicky famously exposed himself at a show because he “believes in the art of the joke.” Have a listen, it’s like 22 seconds in. If you have access to Hulu I would recommend just watching Dave. This rap kicks off the brilliant finale. Plus like 10 Sped jokes comes from this rap, including theContinue reading “March NEOS – The Art of the Joke”

Signature 4 – Lesson Learned

This post should be entitled “Signatures 4&5.” It’s not, and a lesson was learned. For context it’s important to understand I am a hard-wired optimist and as a result I’m a very trusting person. Fortunately I have not been burned often or in any life-changing way over the years, but every now and then comesContinue reading “Signature 4 – Lesson Learned”